Online Student Enrollment

Anirveda Online Student Enrollment

Anirveda Solution provides Online student enrollment, a full range of services, such as cloud platform and student contribution flow, so that all walks of life can move away from the constraints of the real world and decide for themselves the number of colleges, videos, prices, marketing models, and customer service before and after getting admission. Learning online class platform hope to cloud digital learning services coupled with their own experience as the starting point, has launched a variety of convenient teaching, sales and management system tools to help cloud colleges more easily in the vast network of successful transfer of knowledge, and jointly create success.

Cloud Academy: countless online classes limits, Create a new vision of learning
Breaking the traditional learning barrier: Long-term learning without time and space constraints
Third-party gold flow collection:services diversified student contributions effortless
Copyright protection layer: control do not have to worry about film theft and outflow
Innovative modules: offer a wide variety of features for flexible selection
The complete point:store design defines the value for each movie
Supports computers: and a variety of mobile devices to learn from anywhere, anytime
System research and development to learn as a starting point: easy to operate and easy to learn

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