online education

National Education Policy (NEP) support online education

Covid-19 epidemic effectively led the country’s huge stock of users to go online, experience the effect of online education model, the country more and more attention to online education, to promote the positive and healthy development of online education is of great significance. Under the influence of this outbreak, it is expected that the development of online education will be further supported by national education policies.

During the outbreak, a large number of parents actively seek online institutions to learn, to promote user habits. With the deep integration of technology and education, VR/AR, Internet, artificial intelligence, big data and other technologies will be more widely used in the teaching process, giving children in remote areas the opportunity to enjoy quality educational resources. Therefore, she expects that with the strong support of 5G and innovative technologies, online education in the world will bring vigorous and huge development opportunities in the future, and will bring huge opportunities for investors to share the cake.

Large education platforms are expected to benefit

After the spread of the new crown epidemic, offline training institutions around the country stopped teaching to avoid potential risks, and in order to ensure the safety and health of teachers and students, after the winter vacation, all over the primary and secondary schools have also switched to online education, through the Internet, IPTV, cable TELEVISION and other forms of education resources to students.

Online education in the context of home anti-epidemic, access to a large number of free traffic, online courses to give full play to the advantages of the Internet, a number of online double-teacher classes to open free live courses, online live class registration is good. Unlike tool products such as video conferencing, the core of online education is the quality of educational services, including curriculum arrangement, teacher resources, teaching forms, etc., backed by the online platform of large education groups more likely to benefit from this round of traffic dividends.

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