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India, with a large population base and low traffic costs, is rapidly rising… In order to catch up with the development dividend of the Indian market, overseas companies have entered the Indian market, but in-depth understanding has found that it is not so easy to conquer the Indian market, and the ROI is not as high as imagined. However, universal influencer marketing seems to have gained unprecedented development here and is being used by many Indian businesses. So, what is the current situation of influencer marketing in India, and what will the future of influencer marketing in India be? The following will explain it to you one by one.

Background and marketing status of influencer marketing in india

as the world’s most populous country, india has only 510 million people on the internet out of 1.3 billion people, but this is not a short-lived number. nielsen predicts that india’s internet users will reach 850 million by 2025. india’s large population base allows india to provide a huge social media scale even in the face of low internet penetration, with data from december 2018 showing that the number of social media users in india has reached 326 million, and it is expected to reach 447 million social media users in india by 2023.

Influencer marketing in india

According to the data, the most popular social media in India are YouTube, Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram; of course, social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn are also popular with Indian users and show a clear upward trend.

Trends in influencer marketing in india

in the past, social media influencer marketing in india accounted for the highest proportion of online marketing, reaching 80%. marketing practitioners in india said that despite some problems in social media influencer marketing at present, they decided to increase investment in this promotion method.

Many Indian brands are currently using influencer marketing, including online clothing retailers Myntra and Jabong, social commerce sites Wowölr, retail chain Fabindia, sportswear brand Adidas, hotel chain Ritz-Carlton and FMCG giants such as Hindustan Unilever and ITC. Among them, companies in industries such as e-commerce, fashion, hospitality and consumer goods accounted for nearly 15% of the overall digital marketing budget of influencer marketing in 2018. In 2019, 73% of companies plan to increase spending in this category.

Although influencer marketing is very popular in india, many brand companies said that the current indian influencer marketing market is relatively chaotic, and will strengthen the screening of influencers and the review of the effect of influencer marketing in the future to ensure that the effect of influencer marketing is maximized. for example, the total number of influencer fans, participation, fan response rate, and the rate of response of influencers to comments, and even the age, distribution area and brand introduction of influencers who have worked with them as reference standards for cooperation.

in order to combat some influencers who lack loyalty, many brand companies have begun to add non-competitive clauses to their contracts, such as specific release times, billing cycles, and so on. in addition, the indian authorities have also increased the regulation and control of social media, such as banning the publication of some illegal propaganda. the brand enterprise will also add some additional conditions to the contract to ensure that the brand image is not affected.


  • In india, the buying and selling price of influencer fans and exposure is very cheap, so when choosing to cooperate with indian influencers, in addition to the number of influencer fans and views, we should pay more attention to other dimensions such as fan interaction rate and past cooperation cases.
  • When working with indian influencers, third-party agencies or platform should be selected as much as possible; in addition, many requirements for specifications and details should be fully reflected in the contract;
  • Indian influencers have a high response rate, they are very united, they will introduce each other to work, and they can invite other high-quality influencers to cooperate through this influencer;
  • Indian influencers and Influencer Marketing Platform are very willing to cooperate with big brands and bargain on price;

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